#1 Weekly Dose Of Software Engineering Stuff

#1 Weekly Dose Of Software Engineering Stuff

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Hello there! πŸ‘‹

It’s the first edition of Weekly Dose Of Software Engineering Stuff - a newsletter where you can read the content of topics that might be interesting for software developers and engineers.

The goal of this newsletter is to share resources from my blog and the Internet that are related to topics that I found interesting as a software developer. The content related to TypeScript, Node, programming languages in general, testing for devs, writing and note-taking, useful resources about computer science, algorithms and data structures, interview preparation, software architecture, books, DevOps, and many many other interesting things.

As you may have noticed, the name of the newsletter was inspired by one popular YouTube channel. But I think it’s quite original πŸ™‚.

Short information about me. I am a software developer currently based in Prague. I work with technologies like TypeScript, React, Node, and others. The project that I’m working on with a team is a solution for cloud backups (AWS, Google Cloud, etc). So, content related to cloud computing can also be in the future.

Since you already subscribed to my newsletter you know that I have a blog. Now it’s mostly about TypeScript and Node but I have plans to expand a list of content topics. Stay tuned!

Another one of my activities is a book about TypeScript which is available for free as series of posts on my blog and PDF eBook. In this letter, you can find a link to the latest version of the eBook πŸ“š.


  • About a week ago I published the post What Is Strict Mode In TypeScript, Why And When You Should Use It?. It’s more theoretical material for ones who are just starting out to work with TypeScript and don’t know what TypeScript’s strict “mode”. I have a draft of another post about strict options in TypeScript that described it in a more practical way. I’m going to publish it soon.

Resources from the Internet






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That’s all! If you found something interesting and you want to share it with newsletter members or you have an opinion on how to improve the newsletter don’t be shy to email me. Since it’s just the first edition of newsletter I’m experimenting with content and format.

It would be if you invite your friends or colleagues to join the newsletter.

I’ll see you next week!


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